They Don’t Have Horses on the MoonMalt Daisy, the famed creator of the Daisylands amusement park, is resuscitated from a cryogenic deep sleep and elected President of America, which is transformed to a giant Daisylands. Waking in the same cryogenic facility, Neil Hamilton discovers a bizarre new world as he attempts to find out what has become of his life. The destinies of these two men are intertwined as a national scandal erupts threatening chaos and disaster, but the disaster is closer to home.

A parody of the modern world, They Don’t Have Horses on the Moon has a serious lament underneath the fun and games that see its hapless hero rocketed through the 21st century, with a supporting cast of assorted oddballs you could only find in a Daisy cartoon.


Other Book

otherboookPortrait of a Fallen Angel

Portrait of a Fallen Angel is a black comedy that explores the darker side of innocence. When Frank Walker gains notoriety as the Devil-worshipping prophet of a new religion, he naively believes he can control the beast he has unleashed.

The messiah is coming?” he exhorts his followers, but when the messiah really does turn up, all Hell is set to break loose.